Another Great Weekend!

Posted on: February 13th, 2012 by admin

Featuring Meredith Strathmeyer & Corbin Kalinowski

"A written description would never do this piece (Love in the Digital Age) or BNC as a company justice. And the friend I brought to the performance? She was brought to tears. The audience provided a standing ovation, and everyone left feeling a little lighter, incredibly inspired, and probably a little shocked at their reactions. BNC is, after all, a company that has been nationally recognized, yet still manages to be one of the most under-rated things about Colorado next to $2 Sancho’s breakfast burritos. They are that good – yes, just as good as Colorado Ballet." states Erica Prather from 303 Magazine.

While BNC brings the talent and innovation to dance to be compared to any other nationally recognized dance companies, it is not only a night of entertainment simply to be enjoyed by elite dance affientatos. BNC's performances brings something for everyone to enjoy and a thought, emotion or feeling to take with them. Garrett Ammon, BNC's Artistic Director's vision to create an accessible and diverse dance company embracing and collaborating with the other art forms to create something even more brillant and greater than what one art form can do alone.

"I’ve danced my entire life, and I’ve seen dance all over the country. So when I bring a friend to a performance who has seen very little dance, or is not familiar with the company, I’m in for a treat. I can break away from my critical viewpoint and see the art through their eyes. I can sneak peaks of what their reaction is and see what’s touched them, what movements made them hold their breath, what music stirred their soul." shares Prather.

To read 303 Magazine's review of Love in the Digital Age in its entirty.