BNC Joins with Flatiron Crossing Mall for Boo Bash this Saturday

Posted on: October 18th, 2011 by Sarah Maltrud


kids in costumesJoin Ballet Nouveau Colorado on Saturday, October 22 from 1 - 3 PM at Flatiron Crossing Mall for this year’s annual Boo Bash Halloween party! Held in the Dillard's Court, this family friendly Halloween bash will feature a treat treasure hunt at participating stores, costume fashion show, games, face painting, dancing with Radio Disney Street Team, prizes and much more! Stop on by the Ballet Nouveau Colorado booth to grab some candy, enter a drawing to win FREE tickets to The Nutcracker, and stick around for a special surprise you won’t want to miss!
For more information about this event, check out

Location: Dillards Court at Flatiron Crossing Mall
Time: Saturday, October 22nd, 1-3 pm

Hope to see you there!

Nutcracker excitement!

Posted on: October 4th, 2011 by The Long Family


As hard as it to believe, Nutcracker rehearsals are well under way for the student cast members. Many of those students have already been in rehearsals for 4 weeks now. And with those rehearsals, come costume fittings! Saturday, October 1st was one of the first costume fittings for this Nutcracker season. Costume fittings are very exciting - especially for the younger members who may be brand new to BNC's Nutcracker. Here are are handful of pictures from October 1, 2011!



Students Collaborating, Just Like the Pros

Posted on: September 30th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon


Last night, Lighthouse Writers Workshop's Teen Council and The School of Ballet Nouveau Colorado's Composition class met for the first time to begin work on a collaborative project.

Lighthouse and BNC have been working together since 2007 and have created two world premiere productions that bring the written word together with dance. Now, we are delighted to be getting the students in on the action.

Over the coming months these young writers and dancers will be exploring the nature of collaborative creation and work to create short works that will be presented in a performance this spring.

After introductions, Lighthouse's Michael J. Henry and I shared a little about our personal experiences working together and then the students got down to business. Led by Lighthouse's Megan Nix and BNC's Julia Wilkinson Manley and Jayne Persch, the students settled on "Awakenings" as the theme of their project. The students were then teamed up in groups of two and three to begin getting to know each other and exploring ideas.

What a pleasure it was to see all of these talented students in deep, thoughtful discussions as they begin this new journey together. I can't wait to see what happens.


Pix of our Solid Gold Couple

Posted on: September 24th, 2011 by Julia Wilkinson Manley


Check out these great photos by our dear friend Dave Jennings at the Broomfield Enterprise. You'll see all of the competitors and their hilarious shenanigans! What a fun night!

Solid Gold at Dancing With the Broomfield Stars

Posted on: September 23rd, 2011 by Julia Wilkinson Manley


Congratulations to the Broomfield Community Foundation for their huge fundraising success with their 2nd annual Dancing With the Broomfield Stars last night. BNC was proud to be a part of the festivities with star Heather Drake of Flatiron Crossing Mall and BNC faculty member Collin Eckoff. Our gleaming couple, dressed in gold lamé a la 1970's Solid Gold dancers, dazzled the audience with choreography to the music of the Bee Gees. BNC School Director Julia Wilkinson Manley choreographed the dance, spending just shy of 30 hours in rehearsal with this incredibly hard-working couple.

Here is a picture of Heather last night - just before donning her Solid Gold costume:

Video and more pictures coming soon!

And a picture of our inspiration:

A side note: Check out Heather's Reign Maker page. She gives a great shout-out to adult classes at the School of BNC!!!

Hey, What’s That Worth To You? (Warning: Rambling and Ranting Ahead)

Posted on: September 20th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon


Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's Intersection

Read a post by Tiffany Tyson at The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog.

This past weekend, I went to see “Intersection,” the collaboration between Lighthouse’s poet extraordinaire Michael J. Henry and Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s exceptional artistic director Garrett Ammon. The tickets were modestly priced. I love live theater in almost every form: dance, music, comedy or drama. We regularly splurge on tickets to see musicals or plays at Denver’s Performing Arts Complex. And I do mean splurge. The cost of tickets to see even a small performance at the DPAC can be twice the cost of the Ballet Nouveau performance we enjoyed this past weekend. And yet, I don’t believe I’ve ever been more impressed with a performance. From the poems to the story (and, yes, there is a story) to the choreography to the lighting and music, it was one of the most wholly satisfying performances I’ve ever seen. You can still catch it this coming weekend (Sept. 23-25) at the Performing Arts Complex at PCS in North Denver: For tickets or more information visit Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s website. It’s absolutely worth your time and your money. Read more…

BNC’s Julia Wilkinson Manley in Dancing with the Broomfield Stars event

Posted on: September 20th, 2011 by Elaine Adair



dancing with the Broomfield stars rehearsalBNC’s own Julia Wilkinson Manley has been hard at work with Flatiron Crossing's Heather Drake and BNC faculty member Collin Eckoff preparing for this year’s “Dancing with the Broomfield Stars” benefit for the Broomfield Community Foundation on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 5:30 pm. This event is modeled after the hit TV show, featuring local business and community leaders paired with Broomfield area dance professionals. In addition to the great dancing, delicious food will be provided by local restaurants and The Phil Long Band is scheduled to make a special appearance at the event. Come on down to this event to contribute to a great cause!Tickets range in price from $20 for students up to $55 for reserved floor seating. For more information please visit or call 303-469-7208

Men and Women, Ballet, and the Shock of Recognition

Posted on: September 17th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon


Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's IntersectionRead a post by Michael J. Henry reflecting on opening night of Intersection at The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog.

Even though I’ve seen the performance of Intersection a handful of times, last night, within minutes, I was weeping. I weep easily and all (I’m a poet), but the terrible beauty of expression in the dancers’ bodies and movements, the music and multimedia images Garrett has chosen—everything coalesces into a stunning unity I never could have imagined when writing the poems or contemplating the story. And yet it all rings so true.

Words in great poems can be gorgeous and capital-T Truthful; but the rare ability to express complex ideas through the movement of bodies is beyond language. And the BNC dancers are so adept at bringing the Intersection characters to life, imbuing them as actors would with their own emotion and wisdom; each character has become something I didn’t envision, and I love that. Ballet is an art I knew little about before I met Garrett, but now I think I understand its almost primal power to move an audience. Read more…

Intersection continues tonight and tomorrow (Sept 17-18) at Lakewood Cultural Center and next weekend (Sept 23-25) at the Performing Arts Complex at PCS. Learn more, watch a trailer and buy tickets here.








Meredith Strathmeyer and Ben Delony in IntersectionBallet Nouveau Colorado's Meredith Strathmeyer and Ben Delony in MY DEAREST SON during last night's dress rehearsal of Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's Intersection. Photo by Amanda Tipton.

To celebrate the opening of Season 10 and Intersection we thought we would share a photo and poem from the show with you. We hope you enjoy. You can check out a trailer, learn more and purchase tickets to the show here.


You are my star, always will be, and soon
I will be yours. I want you to find me
in the night sky, draw a line of light
to the others, make a constellation.

I will be yours. I want you to find me
so I can guide your way. Please do not forget
the others, make a constellation
of your father, your sister, those who think of you

and guide your way. Please do not forget
the bed I made every day for you,
your father, your sister, those who think of you,
the clothes I washed and folded, meals I made,

the bed I made every day for you.
My son, this is the way you love someone:
the clothes I washed and folded, meals I made,
this is the way you let them know.

My son, this is the way you love someone.
Each morning, greet the changing sky.
This is the way you let them know.
If you must, study the map of loneliness, then

greet the changing sky with fury,
hole up in a dark closet, huddle on empty shoes,
if you must. Study the map of loneliness,
then, go. Take a girl out for ice cream.

Hole up in a dark closet; huddle on empty shoes.
In the night sky, draw a line of light between stars.
Go, take a girl out for ice cream.
You are my star, always will be, and soon.


by Michael J. Henry

A note on Intersection from Garrett Ammon

Posted on: September 14th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon


Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's Intersection

In 2008, after having worked together on our first collaboration, When the Power Goes Out, Lighthouse Writers Workshop's Michael J. Henry and I both agreed that we had only just begun exploring the possibilities of how we might work together. We decided almost immediately to dive headlong into another, even larger project. Intersection was the result.

There is much talk about the great wealth of artistic talent that is resident in Colorado. I unabashedly speak of it regularly, and I firmly believe that it is one of our greatest resources as a community. You need not look far to discover the infectious creative energy happening all around us. I believe that Colorado's artists will play a pivotal role in giving voice to how we define ourselves as Americans in this new century.

If I had to make a list of artists that are making this real, Michael J. Henry would be among the first handful of names. Mike's writing is visceral, reaching swiftly and deeply into the fiber of our humanity. His poetry embraces the texture and complexity of our existence. Words wrapped in the scent, taste and sound of our lives remind us that it is not events that we should cherish, but every day that we have among our families, friends and neighbors.

Intersection is built around thirteen poems that Mike created for this project. Together, they bring a neighborhood to life and tell a story that could happen on any street, in any town. It is a story that intimately examines the nature of love and loss, ultimately creating one of the most stirring portraits of American life that I have ever encountered.

It is hard for any artist to be truly objective about their own work, and I will not attempt to speak to my own contributions to this production. I will say that Intersection challenged me and moved in ways that I had never before experienced, and it pushed me to ask more of myself than I ever had.

I am humbled to have had the great fortune of working with Mike on Intersection, and I am proud to have the opportunity to bring the work to life with the artists of BNC for a second time.

I hope you will join us this weekend or next as we open Season 10 with this very special production.