Get to know the Artists involved in Redline + BNC’s: A Shared Experience in Art

Posted on: November 1st, 2011 by Sarah Maltrud

In the Spotlight:

Dawn Fay, BNC Associate Artistic Director/Choreographer & Thomas A. Guiton, visual artist

Thomas A. Guiton's ArtworkThomas A. Guiton's artworkThomas A. Guiton's artwork





Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s choreographers and dancers have been hard at work collaborating with six local visual artists at Redline for the upcoming production Redline + BNC: A Shared Experience in Art. Redline and BNC have worked together multiple times over the past two years and the shared passion for creativity and collaboration gave birth to this magnificent show, breaking down the constricting barriers of art medium and bringing them to life through movement and dance.

“By creating together we can deepen and broaden the conversation about the world we live in and gain greater perspective on our common existence. We hope to touch more people in our community and inspire new ideas about what can be achieved when we work together to create something that is larger than ourselves.” –Garrett Ammon, Artistic Director

The show will run Nov. 4-6 & 11-13 and is a featured production as part of Denver Art Week.

In anticipation of the show premier, we want to get to know a little more about the Redline artists and the collaborative process between the choreographers and artists themselves.

Dawn Fay, BNC Associate Artistic Director, teamed up to work with visual artist Thomas A. Guiton. Examples of Guiton's work are featured throughout the post, but to see more, visit his Redline Artist page. We asked Thomas to give us some feedback on the collaboration and tell us a little about his works for the production.

How has the collaborative process between yourself and Dawn gone thus far?

Guiton: “Our exchanges have been high-energy, very rapid. We seem to have developed a short-hand communication very quickly."

What medium are you working in for this project?

Guiton: “I will be working with mixed media. The wands are made from wire, paper, and paint. They are done from painted photographs and from paintings.The chair [I’m working on] was made from three chairs. These were altered and re-assembled with other materials and objects attached during the process. I have been using many materials that are new to me (glues, rubber, fur, woods).”

How has the collaboration evolved?

Guiton: “Dawn has expressed an affinity and sympathy for my work for several years. I appreciate the works of Ballet Nouveau. When we had the opportunity through RedLine to work together, we jumped on it. She particularly disliked the chair they used in their studio. She also liked the alien or Outsider aspect of the wands.

I felt that she should have the leadership role. I brought ideas to her and she shaped the process based on her vision. I worked to enable her to create what she wanted. For me, this was an opportunity to make some wands unlike previous ones- in size and construction. Chairs are interesting to me. The idea of ‘chairness’ and trying to make an expressive or mythic functional object. Crossing boundaries and extending yourself in uncomfortable ways is a way to grow.”


What subject matter or theme does your piece reflect on?

Guiton: “I think it's about personal struggle, how we put together meaning and understanding, how we get things wrong and grow incrementally. It is also about what we cannot change, but struggle with until we can or learn to - not accept – accommodate.”

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

Guiton: “My dog is a Weimaraner named Fritz- short for "Schnickelfritz". ( Pennsylvania Dutch: a spoiled, mouthy child, usually a boy.)”


We asked Dawn to give a little insight about her experience working with Thomas:

Fay: "Thomas A. Guiton has been an integral part of this work from start to finish. His art and our conversations have truly dictated the path and placed the food for thought on the table for us both to gnaw on. It is a true privilege and delight to be working with Thomas."

What type of music has been selected for your collaboration?

Fay:"As the works delves into the many knotty and treacherous facets we possess as individuals and draws from the incredible complexity of Thomas's art, I chose music that was just as varied. Ranging from Andrew Bird's Vidalia to an old recording of Texas Gladden, it is definitely diverse in genre."

Performance Information
Redline + BNC: A Shared Experience in Art

Dates/Times:  Nov. 4-6, &11-13, Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2pm
Location             Nov. 4-6 Redline Gallery 2350 Arapahoe St. |  Denver, CO
          Nov. 11-13 Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle
Charter School
1001 W. 84th Ave |  Denver, CO
There is ample free on-site parking at both locations

Cost                        Prices range from $17-$44, Student/Senior & Group rates
also available, starting at $11.90.

Order Tickets   Online at or by phone at 303.466.5685