Men and Women, Ballet, and the Shock of Recognition

Posted on: September 17th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon

Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's IntersectionRead a post by Michael J. Henry reflecting on opening night of Intersection at The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog.

Even though I’ve seen the performance of Intersection a handful of times, last night, within minutes, I was weeping. I weep easily and all (I’m a poet), but the terrible beauty of expression in the dancers’ bodies and movements, the music and multimedia images Garrett has chosen—everything coalesces into a stunning unity I never could have imagined when writing the poems or contemplating the story. And yet it all rings so true.

Words in great poems can be gorgeous and capital-T Truthful; but the rare ability to express complex ideas through the movement of bodies is beyond language. And the BNC dancers are so adept at bringing the Intersection characters to life, imbuing them as actors would with their own emotion and wisdom; each character has become something I didn’t envision, and I love that. Ballet is an art I knew little about before I met Garrett, but now I think I understand its almost primal power to move an audience. Read more…

Intersection continues tonight and tomorrow (Sept 17-18) at Lakewood Cultural Center and next weekend (Sept 23-25) at the Performing Arts Complex at PCS. Learn more, watch a trailer and buy tickets here.