Over 101 Reasons Why

Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by Sarah Maltrud

Join your fellow Coloradans on December 6 Colorado Gives Day – to help raise $1 million in one day for Colorado charities!

Colorado Gives Day, a 24-hour state-wide fundraising event urging people to “give where you live,” is coming up on December 6, 2011. 100% of donations made will be given to the non-profit of your choice. A special fund has been established to increase the size of all donations given by individuals.

There are over 100 different reasons why you should support BNC on December 6, 2011. At BNC, we believe dance should be an enriching and fulfilling experience that is available and accessible to all regardless of age, ability, aspiration, or socio-economic status.

Reasons #100-91: Elementary School Partnerships

community programs

  • #100:  BNC's Title I Elementary Partnerships bring year-long arts experiences to students who otherwise would not have access to dance.
  • #99:  Programs reach 2,500 students from 4 public schools in high-need neighborhoods each year. This year’s elementary schools include:
  • #94:  More than 80% of the students in these schools fall below the federal poverty line and up to 25% are classified as homeless.
  • #93:  Partnerships include interactive in-school and in-theatre performances by BNC’s professional company throughout the year
  • #92:  Free after school ballet classes for two grade levels for any student interested.
  • #91:  BNC’s two-year residencies provide the opportunity for students to gain confidence through an in-depth process that merges dance with each school’s specific curricular priorities. For example, in subject areas such as science and math.

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