Redline artist Virginia Folkestad and BNC’s Sarah Tallman for A Shared Experience in Art

Posted on: November 3rd, 2011 by Sarah Maltrud


In the Spotlight:

Sarah Tallman, BNC Company Artist/Choreographer & Virginia Folkestad, visual artist.

The opening of Redline + BNC’s: A Shared Experience in Art is just a few days away and our artists, choreographers and dancers are hard at work perfecting the show just in time for Denver Art Week.  In anticipation of the show premier, we want to get to know a little more about our Redline artists and the collaborative process between the choreographers and artists themselves.

Today's focus is on local visual artist Virginia Folkestad and her collaboration with Sarah Tallman, BNC Company dancer and choreographer. Below are some of Folkestad's works. To learn more about Folkestad and see more of her creations, click here.


"The Clearing" by Virginia Folkestad


How has your collaborative process gone thus far?

Folkestad: “I love the way Sarah and I speak the same language... a conceptual language.”

What medium are you working in for this project?

Folkestad: “Cut and reassembled aluminum mesh.”

What subject matter or theme does your piece reflect on?

Folkestad: “The round form that the reassembled mesh takes is reminescent of seed, pod, womb, shelter, cocoon; a nature/human connection.   Plain on the outside and at times intricate on the is often the human predicament.  The beauty of the mesh forms, is that they are individual, static canvases waiting to be brought to life in whatever way desired... the choreographer+dancers’ mission.

For many years I have been interested in having my work collaborate with dance, not as stage-set but in a more integrated way.

The collaboration with Sarah and the six dancers has that same feeling of close collaboration; as the dancers rehearse, the mesh forms become worn, much like when I collaborate with nature; a weathering of sorts.  I repair the forms, reacting to the use/weathering by adding layers of repair.  The acts of wear and repair are an organic building of the forms, a true collaboration.

At the same time I’ve been collaborating with meterological events.  I assemble small, mixed media forms and put them outside to weather.  After a few months in the outdoors, I again work on the forms; adding and subtracting materials. They are then returned to the elements:  a constant give and take with nature... seeing what develops... chance.”

 “Art must take reality by surprise.”

Tell us some fun facts about yourself

Folkestad: “I keep bees and I love to forge metal.”

We also asked Sarah to tell us a little about her collaboration with Virginia

Tallman: “I have been looking at Virginia's work for a little over a year now, and was drawn to the intricacies of her work. After speaking with Virginia, I realized we both shared a similarity in conceptual thought. The collaboration has been an incredibly natural experience. It grew out of a 7 minute ‘speed’ conversation that developed into several long conversations.”

What music have you been inspired to choreograph to?

Tallman: “I have chosen to work with the music of Samuel Barber. The complex, melodious inter-weaving of his work both matched and inspired the intricacies and conceptual ideology of Virginia's work. 

The work is still evolving, but definitely deals with the peeling away of layers, while simultaneously adding layers in an effort to illustrate the human predicament (as Virginia stated, plain on the outside, and intricate on the inside). The idea of chance, and the cause and effect of this concept has been explored throughout the process.”

Tell us something interesting about yourself

Tallman: “I love the outdoors (sun and snow!), I like to eat with chopsticks, orange is my power color, and I have a vintage dress collection”


Performance Information
Redline + BNC: A Shared Experience in Art

Dates/Times     Nov. 4-6, &11-13, Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2pm
Location            Nov. 4-6 Redline Gallery 2350 Arapahoe St. |  Denver, CO 80205
                            Nov. 11-13 Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle Charter School 1001 W. 84th Ave |  Denver, CO  
                            There is ample free on-site parking at both locations

Cost                    Prices range from $17-$44, Student/Senior & Group rates also available, starting at $11.90.   

Order Tickets    Online at or by phone at 303.466.5685