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Adaptive Dance Education

Ballet Expressions

Ballet Expressions

This inclusive class has a specifically designed adaptive curriculum to provide kids of ALL abilities with a therapeutic dance experience. Students are able to be successful and explore dance while being in a safe environment. Students will gain increased body awareness, develop fundamental motor skills, improve self-esteem, concentration and focus, and have fun expressing themselves creatively. Caregivers are welcome to connect with other Ballet Expression families where they can observe their children through a one-way glass window.

  • Classes taught by Heather Sutton—registered dance/movement therapist with degrees in Special Physical Education & Motor Development and Somatic Counseling Psychotherapy
  • Student peer assistants in every class
  • Caring, supportive environment
  • Opportunity to shine during year-end performance

Classes are Determined by Age and Ability

BE1 (30 minutes) Ages 4-7:
Class for Mobility Independent Students
Thursday 4:00-4:30pm

BE2 (45 minutes) Ages 8-12:
Class for Mobility Assist Students
Thursday 4:35-5:20pm

BE3 (30 Minutes) Ages 8-12:
Class for Mobility Independent Students
Thursday 5:25-5:55 pm

BE4 (60 minutes) Ages 13-18--coming soon!


1 class per week