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Adult Classes


Photo Credit: Justin Stapp

Ballet Fundamentals

A gentle class that will teach you the need-to-know basics—perfect for beginners with no experience.

Beginning Ballet

A fun ballet class for adults who are beyond the basics.

Adult Just Barre

A quick ballet barre for students with at least one year of experience taking traditional ballet class. Perfect for your busy schedule.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

A fun, challenging and fast-paced class for experienced ballet students.

Beginning/Intermediate Ballet

A gentle, but challenging ballet class for adults who have a moderate level of experience.

Beginning/Intermediate Tap

A fun, rhythmic class, Adult Beginning/Intermediate Tap is perfect for adults new to dance or those with experience in other dance forms who would like to learn the basics of tap.


This challenging class if for adult students who are comfortable in our Intermediate Ballet and above. Have fun learning innovative ways to move and challenge your pre-conceived notions about ballet.


Go barefoot and get grounded. Learn the ins & outs of a basic modern class – fall, recover, suspend, contract, release, and much more.


Power Hour

A series of hour-long classes offered throughout the week at convenient times for busy lives.

Power Hour: Beginning Ballet

A shorter version of one of our most popular classes. Adults who are beyond the basics of ballet will have a blast in this fast-paced ballet class.

Power Hour: Pilates

A balanced-body fitness class that tones and shapes muscles to help keep you injury-free.