Spotlight on Scholarship Students: Momo

Posted on: May 3rd, 2012 by sasha-galikeeva

If you were at Dance From the Heart in January, you saw Momo dance a lively, contemporary solo. As one of BNC's scholarship students, Momo is part of our student company performers and she has been dancing for 11 years, since she was four. At BNC, Momo loves being able to dance with all of her friends and to work with amazing teachers. She enjoys "performing everything." She performed in The Nutcracker this past December and she liked being able to dance on stage with the professional company. This June, at Gala, Momo will be performing pieces in a variety of styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, and contemporary.

When Momo isn't dancing she enjoys watching movies and she loves dogs.

Momo will be sharing the lead role of Madeline with her best friend, Kaileah and will also be dancing in The Garden, which will be part of the Madeline Stands Tall show. Momo's goal is to become a professional dancer with a contemporary ballet company, similar to BNC's company. "This opportunity to work with Ms. Dawn Fay (BNC's Associate Artistic Dir and the choreographer of The Garden) has been an amazing experience that has been like a dream come true! Her choreography is always very new and unexpected. It challenges me to break old patterns and to move in ways that I never have before. It has helped me learn how to show different emotions through my body," states Momo.

Come see Momo and the rest of our student company perform at Madeline Stands Tall, May 12th.  Tickets start at $10!

You can also help support BNC by sponsoring one of our scholarship students.  To learn more about this opportunity email BNC's Executive Director, Christin Crampton Day,