Spotlight on the Stars: Get to Know Julia Meng

Posted on: April 5th, 2012 by jamie-melaragno

This is Julia’s ninth season with Ballet Nouveau Colorado. She trained with Maria Vegh, former director of the Harkness House in NYC, and also studied at the Joffrey Ballet and American Repertory Ballet. Before joining BNC, she danced with David Taylor Dance Theater, Boulder Ballet and Colorado Ballet. Favorite roles with BNC include Garrett Ammon’s When the Power Goes Out, No Passengers,  For The Love of Pete, and Sarah Tallman’s See Yourself.  Julia has also been featured in new works by Amy Seiwert, Alex Ketley, Robert Sher-Macherndal, Heather Maloy, Mark Godden and Lauri Stallings. She has also choreographed four works for BNC and has been a teacher at the School of BNC since 2002.

When did you start dancing and why?  When I was 5 years old. I have an older sister who use to dance and I wanted to do it too.

What do you love most about dance?  I love the way my body feels when it’s moving, streching, working. I especially love pieces that are physically challenging.

Which BNC production has been your favorite and why?  My favorite piece is ”No Passengers”.  I love the music and it was a lot of fun to create.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not dancing?  I have a 8 month old daughter so I don’t really have any “free time”.  When I’m not dancing I spend all my time with her and my husband.

Fun Facts

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Food:  Pineapple fried rice!!!

Favorite Quote:  “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.” Mahatma Gandhi

One thing you can’t live without:  My daughter

Rock Ballets Questions:

What is your favorite rock song, and what does it mean to you?  Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matter’s “ -“forever trust in who we are, and nothing else matters…” It was the first time a song really struck me and I learned a lot about myself.  Tod’s “Aenema” helps me vent when I’m having a bad day.

What is your favorite song by David Bowie?  My Favorite is actually a Bowie/Queen collaboration… “Under Pressure”.