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Last week I had the opportunity to sort of experience my first BNC dance performance. I got to see rehearsal for Love in the Digital Age! I was very excited to see the dancers perform because every now and then I can hear them rehearse to music from my office. Let me just say, the production is going to be awesome! There are so many different facets to the dancing - sadness, humor, intensity, and of course, love. The music and choreography match each other perfectly with neither overpowering the other. I'm excited to go see the production tomorrow, live on opening night, and see how the music, the dancing, and the costumes all come together!   

Here are some photos from rehearsal and a short video to get you in the mood!





















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Late as Usual

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Some rehearsal footage from Love in the Digital Age. Be sure to check out The Freak Fandango Orchestra from Barcelona, Spain.

February 3-12, 2012

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In the Spotlight:

Maurya Kerr, choreographer & Sarah Scott, visual artist

There is only one weekend left of Redline + BNC: A Shared Experience in Art so be sure not to miss this incredible collaborative performance piece with contributions from so many talented, local artists. We asked collaborative team Sarah Scott, visual artist, and Maurya Kerr, choreographer, to comment on their contributions and experience with A Shared Experience in Art.

How has your collaborative experience been?

Scott: “The collaboration with Maurya has evolved mostly through email since Maurya lives in San Francisco. We've shared an assortment of ideas around words, animals, longing, and various experiences and artists we relate to.”

What medium will you be working in?

Scott: “I will be working in my usual medium of handmade recycled paper sculptures and also animated film.”

Choreographer Maurya Kerr was asked about her collaborative experience as well.

What drew you to work with Sarah?

Kerr: “I was awed and viscerally moved by Sarah's work. There is so much poetry and silence and experience held in each of her pieces. I was particularly drawn to her work around animals, as animal themes resonate deeply with me as well. Her work resonates with many of the same elements that I value deeply: love, loneliness, relationship (to self, to others, to experience), vulnerability, empathy, silence.”

How has the collaboration evolved?

Kerr: “We began a few months ago with a very free exchange via email of artistic convictions, ideas, and dreams. I appreciate that we both entered into the conversation without judgment, as it allowed us to fantasize about the possibilities before entering the realm of pragmatism. I think that we were both relieved, heartened and inspired to find that we were very much of the same emotional and artistic ilk.”

What music have you selected for the performance?

Kerr: "I wanted music that was very open and vast. We settled on Enneagram, Georges I. Gurdjieff & Thomas de Hartmann: Gaea, Jacob Kirkegaard Chickadees’ Roar, Pt. 2, Efrim Manuel Menuck; Mary, On The Wall, Grouper"

What subject matter or theme does your piece reflect on?

Kerr: “Sarah and I are working with themes around relationship, birds, loneliness, silence, repetition. We discovered early on a mutual fascination with human/animal couplings in literature and myth, so the genesis for much of our brainstorming was around this abstract idea of falling in love with a creature, and what that means.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Kerr: “My cat plays fetch and gets in the shower with me every morning!”

Performance Information
Redline + BNC: A Shared Experience in Art

Dates/Times Nov. 11-13, Fri. & Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 2pm
Location Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle Charter School
1001 W. 84th Ave | Denver, CO 80260
There is ample free on-site parking.

Cost Prices range from $17-$44, Student/Senior & Group rates also available, starting at $11.90.

Order Tickets Online at or by phone at 303.466.5685

Students Collaborating, Just Like the Pros

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Last night, Lighthouse Writers Workshop's Teen Council and The School of Ballet Nouveau Colorado's Composition class met for the first time to begin work on a collaborative project.

Lighthouse and BNC have been working together since 2007 and have created two world premiere productions that bring the written word together with dance. Now, we are delighted to be getting the students in on the action.

Over the coming months these young writers and dancers will be exploring the nature of collaborative creation and work to create short works that will be presented in a performance this spring.

After introductions, Lighthouse's Michael J. Henry and I shared a little about our personal experiences working together and then the students got down to business. Led by Lighthouse's Megan Nix and BNC's Julia Wilkinson Manley and Jayne Persch, the students settled on "Awakenings" as the theme of their project. The students were then teamed up in groups of two and three to begin getting to know each other and exploring ideas.

What a pleasure it was to see all of these talented students in deep, thoughtful discussions as they begin this new journey together. I can't wait to see what happens.


Hey, What’s That Worth To You? (Warning: Rambling and Ranting Ahead)

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Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's Intersection

Read a post by Tiffany Tyson at The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog.

This past weekend, I went to see “Intersection,” the collaboration between Lighthouse’s poet extraordinaire Michael J. Henry and Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s exceptional artistic director Garrett Ammon. The tickets were modestly priced. I love live theater in almost every form: dance, music, comedy or drama. We regularly splurge on tickets to see musicals or plays at Denver’s Performing Arts Complex. And I do mean splurge. The cost of tickets to see even a small performance at the DPAC can be twice the cost of the Ballet Nouveau performance we enjoyed this past weekend. And yet, I don’t believe I’ve ever been more impressed with a performance. From the poems to the story (and, yes, there is a story) to the choreography to the lighting and music, it was one of the most wholly satisfying performances I’ve ever seen. You can still catch it this coming weekend (Sept. 23-25) at the Performing Arts Complex at PCS in North Denver: For tickets or more information visit Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s website. It’s absolutely worth your time and your money. Read more…


Meredith Strathmeyer and Ben Delony in IntersectionBallet Nouveau Colorado's Meredith Strathmeyer and Ben Delony in MY DEAREST SON during last night's dress rehearsal of Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's Intersection. Photo by Amanda Tipton.

To celebrate the opening of Season 10 and Intersection we thought we would share a photo and poem from the show with you. We hope you enjoy. You can check out a trailer, learn more and purchase tickets to the show here.


You are my star, always will be, and soon
I will be yours. I want you to find me
in the night sky, draw a line of light
to the others, make a constellation.

I will be yours. I want you to find me
so I can guide your way. Please do not forget
the others, make a constellation
of your father, your sister, those who think of you

and guide your way. Please do not forget
the bed I made every day for you,
your father, your sister, those who think of you,
the clothes I washed and folded, meals I made,

the bed I made every day for you.
My son, this is the way you love someone:
the clothes I washed and folded, meals I made,
this is the way you let them know.

My son, this is the way you love someone.
Each morning, greet the changing sky.
This is the way you let them know.
If you must, study the map of loneliness, then

greet the changing sky with fury,
hole up in a dark closet, huddle on empty shoes,
if you must. Study the map of loneliness,
then, go. Take a girl out for ice cream.

Hole up in a dark closet; huddle on empty shoes.
In the night sky, draw a line of light between stars.
Go, take a girl out for ice cream.
You are my star, always will be, and soon.


by Michael J. Henry

BNC’s Intersection featured in Dance Magazine

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Runaway LoveDance Magazine September 2011BNC's upcoming production of Intersection is featured in Dance Magazine's September 2011 issue, read the full article at Intersection opens September 16th and runs through the 25th, learn more and buy tickets here.

A Short Film from Intersection

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This is The Empty Desk written by poet Michael J. Henry and recited by dancer Julie King. Filmed on location at Ranum High School (now Middle School), it is just one of several films that I created with the company for the full length performance of Intersection.

This show is the second of two major collaborations BNC has done with Lighthouse Writers Workshop to date. Mike and I developed Intersection together and he wrote a total of 13 poems for the production, which premiered in 2009. You can go here to learn more about the show and buy tickets.

We are delighted to bring Intersection back to launch Season 10 from September 16-25. I hope to see you there!


Ballet Nouveau Colorado and Paper Bird Reunite to celebrate the official CD release

DENVER -- On Saturday, June 11, back by popular demand, Ballet Nouveau Colorado (BNC) will reunite with Paper Bird to present a special encore performance of Carry On - a full-length, contemporary dance, live music and multimedia production, which premiered in February 2011 receiving critical acclaim and six sold out performances. With choreography and films by BNC’s artistic director, Garrett Ammon, and featuring live, original music of Paper Bird, this production exemplifies BNC’s commitment to collaborating across multiple art forms with Colorado’s most talented artists.

Paper Bird, one of Colorado’s top bands, composed and orchestrated all new music for this production. The performance also serves as the CD release party for the full-length, self-released album, also titled Carry On. The album was recorded live during the debut presentation in February. Their melodic and authentic sound is a refreshing and breathtaking blend of folk, jazz, bluegrass and rhythm and blues,  and their talent has been recognized by NPR’s All Things Considered, voted one of the “10 Best Underground Bands” by Denver Post three years in a row, as well as 5280’s Top of the Town 2009 “Top Local Band”.

“It is a tremendous privilege to work with such dedicated and consummate artists as those at BNC. Our songwriting was challenged and the result is nothing less than the most mature, complete album we have created to date. In short, Carry On is an American original, and will be, we hope, an American classic,” says Paul DeHaven, a member of Paper Bird.

“I fell in love with Paper Bird’s music the first time I heard it,” says Ammon. “We are looking forward to sharing the stage with them again. They wrote the music for many months and this album reflects their hard work and amazing talent, it's truly inspiring.”

Carry On Performance Information

Dates June 11 at 7:30pm, Outdoor Amphitheater Gates open at 6:00pm.

Location Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities Outdoor Amphitheater- 6901 Wadsworth Blvd    Arvada, CO 80003

There is ample free on-site parking available.

Cost Prices range from $15-$32 and group tickets are available.
Order tickets Online at or by phone at 720.898.7200

Recent reviews of Carry On:

“Carry On features an entirely new lineup of songs from the throwback folk band, with the lovely BNC dancers and a large screen upon which images were projected telling the rest of the story. It's an ambitious multimedia event, but both groups pulled their parts off admirably, and the performance as a whole is bound to be one of the most beautiful, heartfelt things I'll see all year…The overall effect is charming, whimsical, nostalgic and heartbreaking at times, evoking a simpler time and rollicking connections between friends and lovers.” Westword Review of Carry On by Amber Taufen

“It was stunning, really. The real success, I think, is the air of effortlessness they all brought to this. Never mind that the process took almost a year to put together with over a two dozen talents- once it came out the other side, it was as if it has always existed. That’s a huge accomplishment for both parties whose careful, creative involvement made something like, Carry On, one hell of a show…that’s success.” 303 Magazine Review of Carry On by Joshua Novak

For exclusive photo and interview opportunities with Garrett Ammon and Paper Bird, as well as an invitation to observe BNC and Paper Bird in rehearsal contact Ashley Burns, communications manager.
Ph: 303.466.5685 Email:


DENVER - Ballet Nouveau Colorado (BNC)’s second installment of Community Sundays will be held on the last Sunday performance of Carry On featuring Paper Bird on February 13 at 2pm.  BNC will donate 50% of that day’s revenue in ticket sales to their chosen human service partner, SAME Café. During the 2010-11 season, BNC has partnered with two human service non-profits in the Denver metro area. In November 2010, BNC’s Community Sundays performance of Chasing the Sublime benefited Judi’s House.

SAME Café is an organization filling the gap of food security in the Denver Metro area. With daily selections made using fresh, organic ingredients, SAME Café offers a donation box – rather than a cash register – for one to pay what they felt their meal was worth, or to leave a little more and help out someone less fortunate. SAME Café’s philosophy is that everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity. SAME Café opened its doors in October, 2006 and has been recognized as Best Free Lunch (or Dinner) by Westword and a 7 Everyday Hero by KMGH Denver.  For more information visit

BNC Artistic Director Garrett Ammon said, “SAME Café is a beautiful organization and one of Paper Bird's favorites. We are delighted to have them be the beneficiary for our second Community Sundays performance and hope to help raise awareness of an organization that is making a significant difference in the Denver Community.”

"We are thrilled to partner on such a caring, creative endeavor,” said Libby Birky, co-owner of SAME Café. “BNC and Paper Bird will put on an amazing show and we appreciate that proceeds from this event will be used to feed neighbors in Denver."

BNC’s Carry On featuring Paper Bird is the fourth production of their 2010-11 season. This performance continues BNC’s commitment to collaborating with local artists and organizations.  With new music by Paper Bird, and new choreography and films by Garrett Ammon, Carry On runs February 4-6 at the Lakewood Cultural Center and February 11-13 at The Performing Arts Complex at PCS in Federal Heights. For more information and tickets, go to

Ballet Nouveau Colorado will celebrate its 10th anniversary of the company in 2011-2012 and the 20th anniversary of the school in 2012-2013.