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You’re in luck

Posted on: December 7th, 2011 by admin


Don't you wish things in life had extensions without penalty, like exam papers, paying taxes and parking tickets or voting on election days. Good news, you're finally being offered an extension without penalty.
Colorado Gives Day

Did you miss yesterday's opportunity to make your donation to BNC go even further on Colorado Gives Day? Well, you are in luck, they've extended the Incentive Fund. You have until noon today to make your donation count. Donate now before it's truly too late. In order for us to reach our $20,000 goal it will take all of us working as a team. We can't do it without you!

Reasons to Choose BNC for Colorado Gives Day

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Today's the big day, Colorado Gives Day, take action and donate.  For those who have no idea what Colorado Gives Day is, today is an important day to give back to BNC as your donation will go even further due to the generous support of an incentive fund given by FirstBank in partnership with The Community First Foundation. This fund will add additional donation dollars onto every donation made through their website over the 24 hour period of Dec. 6th, today. We ask you to choose BNC.

Why is BNC worth supporting? Why is dance important? What difference can it really make? There's more than a 100 reasons why!

#70 Ask the audience member who was so deeply moved by a performance that she summoned the courage to contact her estranged daughter after seven years.

#69 Ask the in the investor who lost almost everything during the financial crisis. He no longer can afford to give as generously to the community as he once did, but he finds inspiration in stopping by the studio to watch rehearsals from time to time.

 #68 Ask the young girl who is anxiously awaiting her first performance back stage. Ask her mother who never thought her daughter would have such an opportunity.
#67 Ask the Title I elementary school teacher who watched her students' faces light up as they learned to moved their bodies to music and in the process gained new found confidence in themselves.

#66 Ask the young man who struggled with traditional learning environments and found acceptance during his turbulent teenage years at BNC.  Now one of our stagehands and a proud GED recipient, he found a nurturing community within BNC that gave him the courage to surpass even his own expectations.


Ask the children, or better yet, read what they have to say:

#64 The teacher in school with many of children in need, the businessman, the troubled teen, the children trapped in poverty, seemingly as different from one another as people can be, yet all profoundly moved and changed by their experience with dance.

You make these things happen. Your donation today of $20, $200 or $2,000 will go further than you may ever know. Make dance happen by donating.

Thank you!


Stories of Changed Lives

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Sarah Maltrud


At BNC, we believe that dance belongs to everyone. Our community programs  are designed with the individual in mind, creating ways in which dance can be accessible and enjoyable for all regardless of age, ability, aspiration, or socio-economic status. BNC is continually working to break down needless barriers that keep people from pursuing their passion for dance.

The stories of how dance has changed numerous lives already speak for themselves.

  • #80: A fourth grade student on full scholarship has been able to continue dance lessons she loves so much despite her family’s financial strains
  • #79:
    Letter from student who participated in community programs

    Letter from a child involved in community programs

  • #78: A teenage boy, brave enough to overcome peer pressures and bullying, continues to pursue his passion for dance through the school of BNC in a nurturing environment.
  • #77:
Letter from student involved in community outreach programs

A young girl shares her excitement for dance in a letter

  • #76: A little girl with Brittle Bone Disease gets to live out her ballerina dreams despite her physical challenges through BNC’s adaptive dance education programs.
  • #75:
Letter from student involved in community outreach programs

A student expresses thanks

  • #74: An Alzheimer’s patient, after finding inspiration from a BNC production, created a poignant art piece, composed solely of empty pill packets, and fearlessly confronted her disease through creation.
  • #73:
Letter from student involved in community outreach programs

The Ugly Duckling left an impression on this young one

  • #72: After the tragic death of a beloved husband and father, a single mother of two young dancers has been able to keep the light of dance in their  lives through the student sponsorship program.
  • #71:

A student thanks BNC for caring and showing her dance moves

Supporting BNC on Colorado Gives Day does more than help keep these great community programs alive; donations directly benefit the boys, girls, men and women these programs were designed for and change their lives forever. Your generous gift this December 6th could make dreams into reality this holiday season.


CHOOSE BNC and help us to continue bringing dance to the community! GO TO: WWW.GIVINGFIRST.ORG/BNCDANCE

Over 101 Reasons Why

Posted on: November 16th, 2011 by Sarah Maltrud


Join your fellow Coloradans on December 6 Colorado Gives Day – to help raise $1 million in one day for Colorado charities!

Colorado Gives Day, a 24-hour state-wide fundraising event urging people to “give where you live,” is coming up on December 6, 2011. 100% of donations made will be given to the non-profit of your choice. A special fund has been established to increase the size of all donations given by individuals.

There are over 100 different reasons why you should support BNC on December 6, 2011. At BNC, we believe dance should be an enriching and fulfilling experience that is available and accessible to all regardless of age, ability, aspiration, or socio-economic status.

Reasons #100-91: Elementary School Partnerships

community programs

  • #100:  BNC's Title I Elementary Partnerships bring year-long arts experiences to students who otherwise would not have access to dance.
  • #99:  Programs reach 2,500 students from 4 public schools in high-need neighborhoods each year. This year’s elementary schools include:
  • #94:  More than 80% of the students in these schools fall below the federal poverty line and up to 25% are classified as homeless.
  • #93:  Partnerships include interactive in-school and in-theatre performances by BNC’s professional company throughout the year
  • #92:  Free after school ballet classes for two grade levels for any student interested.
  • #91:  BNC’s two-year residencies provide the opportunity for students to gain confidence through an in-depth process that merges dance with each school’s specific curricular priorities. For example, in subject areas such as science and math.

CHOOSE BNC and help us to continue bringing dance to the community! GO TO: