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Spotlight on the Stars: Get to know Meredith Strathmeyer

Posted on: March 17th, 2012 by admin


Meredith Strathmeyer performs in the 2008 world premiere of Garrett Ammon's Rock Ballets.

Meredith Strathmeyer started dancing at age 7, after watching her older sister perform as a Bon Bon in The Nutcracker. At the time, she says she was a bit of a klutz and her father, who was also her softball and basketball coach, hoped ballet would give her some grace on the playing field. It did improve her coordination, but also ended her athletic career as she began to pursue her true passion: dance.

“I love that dance will never get easy,” she says. “There is always something magnificent lurking around that tendu that is just out of reach.”

Meredith joined BNC in 2006 after graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Ballet Performance and an Outside Field in Comparative Literature. She has performed in more than 25 BNC Productions, her favorite of which was Garrett Ammon’s Moulin Rouge.

“It was an incredible experience. It is a dancer’s dream to have a full length ballet created with her in mind,” she says. “ I had to really rise up to the occasion and push all my artistic and physical boundaries to make it happen.”

Meredith’s next performance will be in Rock Ballets this April. She draws her inspiration for dance from every part of her life.

“I feel like I got this far as an artist because of my tendency to soak up everything around me as fuel for inspiration,” she says. “Dancers tend to allow their emotions to run very close to the surface, right under the skin, because we need easy access. Films, music, art, photography, the weather….you never know what is going to strike a chord.”

To get pumped up for Rock Ballets, Meredith looks to “Oh You Pretty Things” by David Bowie, which is not only her ringtone for all the BNC dancers, but also inspired the creation of her signature dance move, the Bop.

Currently, Meredith puts in 40 to 45 hours a week dancing. But when she’s not in the studio, Meredith loves to read and write children’s books.

“Who knows if anything will ever get published, but it makes me absurdly happy to think up odd little limericks and sketch and design the layouts,” she says.

Meredith also teaches Pilates at a studio in Denver. If she wasn’t a dancer, her dream job would be to work as a travel writer for a Pilates magazine. In the meantime, she will continue her power struggle with her tiny European oven to yield the perfect batch of cookies.

Catch Meredith's Performance in Rock Ballets on April 13-15 at the Performing Arts Center at Pinnacle Charter School. 

Eat Dinner Like a Rock Star

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In support of the creation of local art and the excitement Rock Ballets is bringing to rock music, Hard Rock Cafe Denver will donate 10%  of all meal and drink purchases made April 13-15 when restaurant patrons order from the Rock Ballets Menu. Reservations are required to be sure to call and make a reservation at 303-623-0856 and ask for the Rock Ballets Menu.