Season 11

Tune In To Colorado Matters On CPR

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Garrett Ammon sat down with Ryan Warner for an interview on Colorado Public Radio's Colorado Matters. During the interview, Garrett reflects on the 10th anniversary of BNC's professional company.  Listen in to hear him share a past, present and future look at the professional company.

As Seen On TV

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Can't get enough of BNC and A Shared Experience in Art? You're in luck, we were featured on 9 News and Rocky Mountain PBS, so you can get a little taste of it again.  The good news is - we've got more shows to come in Season 10. Come, enjoy and feed your addiction for dance.

Watch Rocky Mountain PBS   Click on Ballet Nouveau Colorado under the video to watch.

Watch 9 News (BNC is featured at the end of Kirk's segment.)

Garrett Ammon's work, A Stitch in Time

BNC’s Dawn Fay on Fox 31 Colorado’s Best

Posted on: November 8th, 2011 by Sarah Maltrud


Dawn Fay on Fox 31's Colorado's BestBNC's Associate Artistic Director, Dawn Fay appeared on Fox 31 Denver's Colorado's Best today to discuss the currently running performance, Redline + BNC: A Shared Experience in Art and future performances Love in the Digital Age.

Through Colorado's Best Deals, BNC is offering two tickets for the price of one at just $36 for performances Redline + BNC: A Shared Experience in Art, Love in the Digital Age, and Rock Ballets.

To watch the segment, click here.

Purchase 2 tickets for just $36 through Colorado's Best Deals.

Hey, What’s That Worth To You? (Warning: Rambling and Ranting Ahead)

Posted on: September 20th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon


Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's Intersection

Read a post by Tiffany Tyson at The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog.

This past weekend, I went to see “Intersection,” the collaboration between Lighthouse’s poet extraordinaire Michael J. Henry and Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s exceptional artistic director Garrett Ammon. The tickets were modestly priced. I love live theater in almost every form: dance, music, comedy or drama. We regularly splurge on tickets to see musicals or plays at Denver’s Performing Arts Complex. And I do mean splurge. The cost of tickets to see even a small performance at the DPAC can be twice the cost of the Ballet Nouveau performance we enjoyed this past weekend. And yet, I don’t believe I’ve ever been more impressed with a performance. From the poems to the story (and, yes, there is a story) to the choreography to the lighting and music, it was one of the most wholly satisfying performances I’ve ever seen. You can still catch it this coming weekend (Sept. 23-25) at the Performing Arts Complex at PCS in North Denver: For tickets or more information visit Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s website. It’s absolutely worth your time and your money. Read more…

Men and Women, Ballet, and the Shock of Recognition

Posted on: September 17th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon


Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's IntersectionRead a post by Michael J. Henry reflecting on opening night of Intersection at The Lighthouse Writers Top-Secret Blog.

Even though I’ve seen the performance of Intersection a handful of times, last night, within minutes, I was weeping. I weep easily and all (I’m a poet), but the terrible beauty of expression in the dancers’ bodies and movements, the music and multimedia images Garrett has chosen—everything coalesces into a stunning unity I never could have imagined when writing the poems or contemplating the story. And yet it all rings so true.

Words in great poems can be gorgeous and capital-T Truthful; but the rare ability to express complex ideas through the movement of bodies is beyond language. And the BNC dancers are so adept at bringing the Intersection characters to life, imbuing them as actors would with their own emotion and wisdom; each character has become something I didn’t envision, and I love that. Ballet is an art I knew little about before I met Garrett, but now I think I understand its almost primal power to move an audience. Read more…

Intersection continues tonight and tomorrow (Sept 17-18) at Lakewood Cultural Center and next weekend (Sept 23-25) at the Performing Arts Complex at PCS. Learn more, watch a trailer and buy tickets here.








Meredith Strathmeyer and Ben Delony in IntersectionBallet Nouveau Colorado's Meredith Strathmeyer and Ben Delony in MY DEAREST SON during last night's dress rehearsal of Garrett Ammon & Michael J. Henry's Intersection. Photo by Amanda Tipton.

To celebrate the opening of Season 10 and Intersection we thought we would share a photo and poem from the show with you. We hope you enjoy. You can check out a trailer, learn more and purchase tickets to the show here.


You are my star, always will be, and soon
I will be yours. I want you to find me
in the night sky, draw a line of light
to the others, make a constellation.

I will be yours. I want you to find me
so I can guide your way. Please do not forget
the others, make a constellation
of your father, your sister, those who think of you

and guide your way. Please do not forget
the bed I made every day for you,
your father, your sister, those who think of you,
the clothes I washed and folded, meals I made,

the bed I made every day for you.
My son, this is the way you love someone:
the clothes I washed and folded, meals I made,
this is the way you let them know.

My son, this is the way you love someone.
Each morning, greet the changing sky.
This is the way you let them know.
If you must, study the map of loneliness, then

greet the changing sky with fury,
hole up in a dark closet, huddle on empty shoes,
if you must. Study the map of loneliness,
then, go. Take a girl out for ice cream.

Hole up in a dark closet; huddle on empty shoes.
In the night sky, draw a line of light between stars.
Go, take a girl out for ice cream.
You are my star, always will be, and soon.


by Michael J. Henry

BNC’s Intersection featured in Dance Magazine

Posted on: September 8th, 2011 by Garrett Ammon


Runaway LoveDance Magazine September 2011BNC's upcoming production of Intersection is featured in Dance Magazine's September 2011 issue, read the full article at Intersection opens September 16th and runs through the 25th, learn more and buy tickets here.

A Short Film from Intersection

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This is The Empty Desk written by poet Michael J. Henry and recited by dancer Julie King. Filmed on location at Ranum High School (now Middle School), it is just one of several films that I created with the company for the full length performance of Intersection.

This show is the second of two major collaborations BNC has done with Lighthouse Writers Workshop to date. Mike and I developed Intersection together and he wrote a total of 13 poems for the production, which premiered in 2009. You can go here to learn more about the show and buy tickets.

We are delighted to bring Intersection back to launch Season 10 from September 16-25. I hope to see you there!

Season 10 Kickoff Party

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Boots Accepted

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Photo by Amanda Tipton.

Purchase Tickets

Begin the event at BNC with an exclusive rehearsal visit; sweat included.
4:30 - 5:00 pm
3001 Industrial Ln, #12
Broomfield, CO 80020
Map & Directions

Continue the celebration at Aloft Hotel's Wxyz Bar & backyard patio.
5:30 - 7:00 pm
8300 Arista Place
Broomfield, CO 80021
Map & Directions

Meet the stellar dancers of BNC at what promises to be a delightful gathering. Help us launch Season 10 with a donation of any size.

To ice the cake, you can enter the Splendiferous Season 10 Giveaway at Aloft. The loot includes:

  • Use of a Mercedes-Benz for a weekend of your choice
  • 1 weekend night‚s stay at Aloft Broomfield Hotel
  • 2 drink vouchers for Wxyz Bar at Aloft Hotel
  • 2 free tickets to any Season 10 BNC production

Cost is $30 per person, $50 per couple and includes light apps and one free drink voucher (beer, wine and well); cash bar.

RSVP by September 2
Purchase Tickets Now