The Ugly Duckling

Posted on: January 24th, 2012 by sasha-galikeeva

In honor of Dance From the Heart, BNC's annual event to support and build awareness for Community Outreach Programs on January 27th, here are the lives that have been affected by BNC.

Have you ever felt like an ugly duckling? Did you wish there was someone to relate to?

Hans Christian Anderson's tale "The Ugly Duckling" is the perfect example. The main character, the ugly duckling is bullied and abused, until he transforms into a beautiful swan, much to his surprise and delight. I always liked this tale as a child because not only did it inspire me, but it also taught the lesson of inner beauty and talent.

BNC translates this tale into a choreographed dance for children in the anti-bullying program. Through this program BNC entertains and teaches kids strategies for dealing with bullies.

Performing The Ugly Duckling for students

The program was featured in the Denver Post. Read the article.

Madeline Stands Up Tall is the next anti-bullying performance, and will be performed by BNC's student company. It is coming in the spring.

Dance From the Heart supports BNC's programs, like the anti-bullying initiative, and the event includes a short presentation that will feature a dance performance from our scholarship students and a complimentary continental breakfast. Come, meet new people, enjoy a performance, and discover more about BNC.

Why? Because dance can light the way toward what a child needs most: a future.

Come see how.